Discover the Power of Qigong

A Special Online Live Class with Senior Master SooAhm

Discover the power of Qigong with international Senior Master SooAhm, in a 2-hour online live class!

Master SooAhm will show you how to increase your mental clarity, positive energy, courage, and confidence with the ancient art of Qigong, “the study of energy".

Enjoy watching Master SooAhm’s Qigong! His class will be translated.

What you will learn

Qigong movements are designed to help you sense, accumulate, and circulate energy. As you focus on the flow and form of these physical exercises, your mind will clear away external distractions – this is why Qigong is sometimes called “moving meditation.” With regular Qigong practice, you can feel more in command of your energy; you can relax when you want to, and utilize strength when you need to. Awaken the vital energy of your lower chakras and move with more courage and confidence.

This class will consist mostly of standing physical exercise, with some explanation and demonstration of energy principles by the trainer. You’ll learn:


Basic principles of Qigong


How to circulate and accumulate vital energy


How to relax your body and mind


Breathing meditation


How to develop your spiritual power



Reduce stress and help your immunity

Improve your energy circulation

Develop flexibility and strength

Clear your mind, improve your focus

Grow your confidence and courage

Trainer: SooAhm

Senior Master SooAhm is the president of U.S. DahnMuDo and Dahn Taekwondo Association. He was trained by Ilchi Lee, creator of the DahnMuDo “healing martial art” principles and practice. He has taught DahnMuDo for more than 25 years, and currently teaches major DahnMuDo courses around the world.

Discover the Power of Qigong

A Special Online Live Class with Senior Master SooAhm